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Some Experimental Evidence to Invalidate Relativity and Support Geocentrism

Trouton and Rankine used a wheatstone bridge to test the fitzgerald and Lorentz contraction in 1905. The test noted the length contraction is not noticeable in a co-moving frame, but can be measured in the objects rest frame. As the bridge is rotated, then length of the resistance coils should have contracted as required by fitzgerald and Lorentz. Such contraction would show up as a change in resistance. The change in resistance should have been ΔR ~ 2Rv[sup]2[/sup]/ c [sup]2[/sup], where R is resistance. Yet there was no resistance change measured. Therefore the Trouton Rankine experiment invalidates length contraction and therefore relativity.

Apparently vacuum interferometers obtain null results fro aether drift, but gas interferometers consistently detect small speeds of 10km/s. To explain this, a theory is required to incorporate refraction effects to be successful.

Dayton-Miller (1921) – Assumed the earth was moving through space and transferred the interferometer to Mt Wilson and found when temperature effects were removed, a sine wave pattern emerged due to an aether wind acting to produce a fringe shift for 10km/s wind. The small positive effect varied with each rotation of the interferometer during the day (this assumes the earth is moving, which it isn’t because it is the aether wind moving past the stationary earth), and on a yearly basis. The Lorentz contraction was not compatible with the seasonal change in the wind speed, thereby invalidating Lorentz contraction.

The geocentric understanding is the firmament ends at the earths surface and the aether forms a vortex around the earth, causing the seasonal and yearly change in the fringe shift. The work of Maurice Allais proved Shankland’s work against Dayton-Miller to be false and demonstrated a periodic displacement of the fringe shift did exist.

The periodic effects of the aether flow point towards an axis of the aether flow near Draco (near the North Pole – just like the CMB shows us). The aether flow depended upon time of day, season and height above sea level. Some articles are – The ether Drift experiment and the determination of the absolute motion of the earth. Reviews of Modern Physics, vol 5 (2), July 1933.

Mill, Dayton. The ether Drift experiment at Mt Wilson Solar observatory, Physical Review, 19:407-408, 1922.

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Another interesting website on Maurice Allais concerning the anisotropy of space, which may well overturn the assumption of isotropic space. -

According to the analysis of Allais, the MM did not have a null result (as required by SR). He also found light speed varied with direction, implying an underlying universal rest frame. The earth’s cosmic translation velocity had a computational error in direction. Fringe variations have a sidereal period, with fringe extrema coinciding with the equinoxes. The data analysed by Allais has a high confidence level and statistical significance.

Hector Munera also performed another version of the Dayton Miller experiment, using helium gas, with k[sup]2[/sup]=0.00007, to test the dependence upon the refractive index. With a corrective factor of 118, V[sub]ae[/sub] = 368 km/s, which is in the ball park of the MM and DM experiments when corrected from refractive reduction.

Munera, Hector A, An Absolute Space Interpretation of the Non-Null results of the Michelson Morley and Similar experiments” in Apeiron, vol 4, Nr 2-3 Apr-July 1997. -

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Joos also found there was a small fringe shift when corrected from helium refraction is 433km/s. Apparently the results showed a yearly cycle for the aether around the north pole.

Joos Georg, Die Janaer Wiederholung des Michelsonversuchs, Annalem der Physik S 5 vol 7 No 4 1930.

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All of these experiments show relativity theory is invalid and infer a geocentric universe.



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