Friday, November 9, 2018

Has the Creator of the Universe Designed the Universe to Deceive Most of Mankind?

If we conclude to most men having one, or several, or many false beliefs over a long time period we may conclude most of mankind has been deceived by the universe and thereby in some manner the universe was created for men to be deceived. If we examine say theism, we note several major theistic religions with broadly competing truth claims, and within the same theistic religion, we find many competing denominations with diverse beliefs. For example, the monotheism of Christianity is diverse from the monotheism of Islam and that of Judaism. And within those three religions, there are many denominations with conflicting truth claims. 

If one group of men in any of these denominations of the monotheistic religions has the truth, then all other men have been deceived, including all men who are not included in any monotheistic religion. Alternatively, there are no true denominations as all may be false, and other men in another belief system may have the truth and then all men in monotheistic religions have been deceived. If so most men have been deceived.

As the major belief systems of the world have existed for many centuries, there is strong evidence that most men have been deceived for long time periods. If the universe has been created, the creator has then in some manner permitted the universe to exist and thereby deceive many men. If the Christian God made the universe, He has done so, knowing that most men will be deceived by the universe. As Christianity teaches that God cannot sin, then the creation of the universe is not itself the cause of sin, but an occasion for God to draw a good out of the evil. 

Therefore the deception of most men is occasioned by God for a large defect of deception as an occasion for a greater good which can be caused by only God alone. One such good may be the large deception permits many men to have an excuse for the many sins committed out of ignorance and thereby reduce man's culpability at the final judgment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Theism - Atheism Question as a Question of Two fearful Outcomes.

If atheism is true then man is all alone in the universe which is full of suffering and death. Such a universe is a fearful place for man to exist and die, along with the prospect that human life is ultimately futile. Such an existence is in accord with fear of existing for no reason without relief from the prospect of suffering and death and the accompanying injustices in the world.

If theism is true and God exists, man lives along with a giant God who watches our every move and choses to remain silent and largely remains hidden from most or many men. Such a God is beyond the control of men and cannot be stopped from acting. Men should then live in fear of the God who owns the universe and may justly judge man at any time.

Either way, there is good reason for man to fear if God does or does not exist.

The History of Atheism and Theism Points to the Catholic Doctrine of Original Sin.

Atheism says there is no god and yet atheism has many unresolvable problems and contradictions. One such contradiction is - Atheism says God, which is existence, does not exist.

Theism says there is a god, or gods. The multiple versions of theism make the many versions of theism false with only one version of theism true. 

The many errors on the issue of atheism and theism indicate that man collectively has trouble in knowing the truth concerning the existence of God. Such a problem is strong evidence for original sin which teaches that man has a wound of ignorance concerning the things of God and finds it difficult to know the truth and live the truth.

The Multiple Mysteries of Human Nature.

Human nature contains several mysteries or secrets concerning the existence and purpose of the human race. 

1) If man is composed of an immortal soul and a body and when man dies, he will continue to exist forever without a body and then man's existence is dominated as a life of a pure spirit. Such a life is outside sequential time as a measure of accidental change of bodies. Therefore the separated soul continues to live in time similar to that of the angels, called aeveternity, or if the soul sees God face to face, then eternity. The continued existence of the man without a body is a mystery concerning 1) the current union of body and soul and 2) the ongoing life of man with a separation of body and soul. 

2) If man is composed of an immortal soul and a body and when man dies he will continue to exist for a time without a body until the general resurrection. The general resurrection of man to restore man back to his integral nature is a mystery of the ongoing existence of man who is dependent upon the power and wisdom of God to cause the reunion of body and soul. Man then has his life here and now, then dies and lives another life in the spirit realm, and then lives a third life when reunited as body and soul. Each state of life is then a mystery in itself and a mystery in relation to the other states of life.

3) If man is only a material substance,  man ceases to exist at death and man's existence is only a temporal event without any permanent and lasting value. The existence of man and the universe is then a mystery of futility, whilst the universe continues to exist. All things then exist for no reason, when in fact if nothing existed, the negation would also serve the same futile purpose. The futile universe of the materialist is a universe with the equivalent value of a pure negation of all things. Such a universe containing the materialist man is a mystery.

The entire big picture of man as a creature with incomplete substantial parts of body and soul is also a mystery, for the entire show need not exist apart from the will of God that causes all things to exist and God's providence that causes all events to occur in accord with His plan.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Economics as Strong Evidence for the Existence of God.

Economic theory teaches that man has an infinite appetite, and yet man exists in a world of finite resources. The economic theory is stated to account for the condition of man that seems to be a contradiction. For man wants everything, but can only ever have so much. Such an economic theory is strong evidence for God, for only God is the infinite good who can satisfy man's natural appetite for the infinite good.

Economic theory is strong evidence for the existence of God.

The Modern Problem of Divorce Caused by the Wound of Original Sin and the Prior Denial of the True Spouse.

Modernity is marked by the proliferation of divorce, caused by unhappiness between the spouses. The two spouses that once loved each other, separated after love is lost. The loss of love between the spouses is caused in part through the wound of original sin, which causes men and women to seek fulfilment in a spouse as the object of happiness. But by seeking for the spouse that makes one happy, the man or woman has assumed a need for a spouse that is not proved for within the single human person. For example, the man seeks for a woman, for the man sees something lacking in himself and something fulfilling in the woman. By the man seeing something lacking in himself is assuming that lack can best be provided for through the woman. And yet the woman is only a human spouse of finite good, and even if a perfect woman, she cannot ever fill the void existing within the man.

The secular man, living in the modern age assumes there is no other spouse he can engage other than a human spouse, as the men then enters into marriage without any expectation for engagement from any other source of fulfilment than the female spouse. And when the female spouse fails to deliver the legitimate needs of the man (and vice versa), the man begins to move away from the female and the female away from the male spouse. Such a motion of spouses away from each other is in part caused by the assumption that there is no other spouse in the secular based marriage.

And yet divine revelation has provided a great truth that God is the truth spouse of all men and woman and is always present within every marriage. If the assumption that there is only one human spouse for the modern man is a false assumption, corrected by the truth of the existence of the divine spouse, modern marriages have a chance to survive and produce lasting fulfilment for both spouses. For the divine spouse will always act to heal and provide peace between the spouses whilst causing a release of pressure on the spouses to provide something that cannot be provided - fulfilment as through the infinite goodness of God.

In short, the assumption that God is irrelevant to modern secular marriages is an assumption based upon the wound of ignorance caused by original sin. Original sin is then a major contributor to the break up of many modern marriages, along with the consequent actual sins of the spouses against each other.

An Irony of Unbelief which Affirms Original Sin in Practice but Denies Original Sin in Theory.

The man who is an unbeliever does not believe there is a God, and does not believe Jesus was God, nor does he believe the Catholic church is the one true church instituted by God. But according to the Catholic faith, all men suffer from the wound of ignorance which entails an ignorance of God and God's will for mankind. By the unbeliever not believing in God and God's will as manifested through the Catholic church, the unbeliever is participating in the disorder of original sin as known and taught by God through the Catholic church. 

By participating in the consequences of original sin, the unbeliever is acting in accordance with the truth of the Catholic church which says the following about man, which are all true of unbelievers.

1) Man is ignorant of who God is and what God wants from man.

2) Man is prone to sin and prone to love creatures more than God.

3) Man is prone to suffering and death.

4) Man is prone to unbelief.

The above truths of unbelievers provide the unbeliever with an excuse with regard to not believing in the Catholic faith whilst the unbeliever denies one or more of the truths of the Catholic faith. Because the Catholic faith is the true faith, the existence of many unbelievers is expected and occurs on a regular basis. 

The irony of unbelief is the unbeliever denies the very reality which causes him to be an unbeliever, by denying the wounds of original sin, whilst living with those same wounds on a daily basis. Consequent to the irony, original sin is both a cause for belief as evidence for the one true faith, and a cause for unbelief as an intrinsic wound in all men.