Friday, November 9, 2018

Has the Creator of the Universe Designed the Universe to Deceive Most of Mankind?

If we conclude to most men having one, or several, or many false beliefs over a long time period we may conclude most of mankind has been deceived by the universe and thereby in some manner the universe was created for men to be deceived. If we examine say theism, we note several major theistic religions with broadly competing truth claims, and within the same theistic religion, we find many competing denominations with diverse beliefs. For example, the monotheism of Christianity is diverse from the monotheism of Islam and that of Judaism. And within those three religions, there are many denominations with conflicting truth claims. 

If one group of men in any of these denominations of the monotheistic religions has the truth, then all other men have been deceived, including all men who are not included in any monotheistic religion. Alternatively, there are no true denominations as all may be false, and other men in another belief system may have the truth and then all men in monotheistic religions have been deceived. If so most men have been deceived.

As the major belief systems of the world have existed for many centuries, there is strong evidence that most men have been deceived for long time periods. If the universe has been created, the creator has then in some manner permitted the universe to exist and thereby deceive many men. If the Christian God made the universe, He has done so, knowing that most men will be deceived by the universe. As Christianity teaches that God cannot sin, then the creation of the universe is not itself the cause of sin, but an occasion for God to draw a good out of the evil. 

Therefore the deception of most men is occasioned by God for a large defect of deception as an occasion for a greater good which can be caused by only God alone. One such good may be the large deception permits many men to have an excuse for the many sins committed out of ignorance and thereby reduce man's culpability at the final judgment.

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